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About the WGGC

The West German Genome Center is one of four national Next Generation Sequencing Competence Centers and is a collaboration between institutes west of the 7.1 E meridian.



Who we are


Our Mission

NGS is the sole technology that belongs to the area of life sciences among the top ten most influential technologies for the next 2 decades. Making the WGGC internationally competitive is a clearly formulated goal. We support the concept of concentration and harmonization of NGS infrastructures at the federal level, while at the same time allowing for innovation at smaller partner sites in applications ranging from basic science to clinical application.
Our network structure unites for the first time an enormous knowledgebase in genome research from institutes with genomic technologies as central building blocks of the University Development Plans. The WGGC partners share their NGS expertise at different levels and recognize genomics research and technologies to be central to life and medical sciences in the 21st century.
The WGGC provides an outstanding platform to advance collaborative research projects within both the WGGC and external collaborations.

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